2023 Queen Anne Playstreets

Queen Anne Greenways Playstreets 2023

After a major pause for Covid, the Queen Anne Greenways Playstreets geared up again for two events, one in July and another in August. At our own booth we introduced people to our ideas and plans for making streets more available and friendly for people, particularly families with children.

We worked, once again, with our stalwart collaboration partners, Matt Kelly, director of the Queen Anne Farmers Market and Gina Saxby, …

2020 Queen Anne Farmers Market Opens

Thursday, May 28, the Queen Anne Farmers Market opened its 2020 season, operating for the first time under Corona virus social constraints.


With help from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), Matt Kelly, Director of the Market worked out a plan that would allow shoppers and farmers to all have a safe experience. This produced an L-shaped market plan, incorporating one block of West Crockett Street and a portion …

Playstreets 2019

This summer Queen Anne Greenways again held two Playstreets, closing a block of 1st Avenue West on Queen Anne, and filling the street with entertainment and education fun for the community.


We shared our booth with one of our sponsors, the Seattle Department of Transportation. SDOT provided some of the funding for the Playstreets this year.


One of our members, Michael Herschensohn, guided a button-works process that combined …

Queen Anne Playstreet – August 2018

This year, Queen Anne Greenways decided to see if we could pull off TWO Playstreets – and found that we could – although at times we felt as if we were in an upside-down process, along with our young customers.


Our Playstreets focus on using a block of a street that passes through a civic campus  (City Pool, Community Center, Middle School, Sports Fields and Farmers Market) for activities focused …

Playstreet 2018 – July

Our third Queen Anne Greenways Playstreet took place during a Seattle heat wave so everyone looked for shade while enjoying this year’s activities.

We ran an outreach campaign a few weeks ahead.


The Queen Anne Community Center provided some promotion as well. They are our primary collaborator since we have clear, overlapping missions.


We organize the Playstreets to run at the same time on Thursdays as the adjacent Queen Anne …